The body will achieve what the mind believes.

Founder and Creative Director of B.SPOKE, Julia brings her dream of opening a boutique indoor cycling studio to life with B.SPOKE. Recently graduating from Nottingham Trent University with a first class honours degree in Criminology because she wanted to learn something new, Julia is an expert at finding the work life balance and understands the challenges life can set. Creating a judgement-free atmosphere in which riders can achieve their fitness goals. With over 20 years as a Sports Therapist and Personal Trainer, Julia has ran countless races including six marathons and completed the London to Paris bike ride all for charity. An international instructor, Julia also trained in Dallas as well as the UK to expand her knowledge on Indoor Cycling.

She goes by the MANTRA ‘the body will achieve what the mind believes’ even when you ‘wanna’ get off and walk. Expect to be pushed to your limits with big tunes, big smiles and the 3p’s: POWER, PEDAL, PUSH.

B.sure to follow her on Instagram @juliaawilson1

Founder of B.SPOKE

NTU Graduate

20 Years Experience

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